Slow decryption with dvddecryptor (dw1620)

Is it normal to decrypt a dvd in 25 min (amd 64 3000+ 1bg ram). My firmware is the official B7W9. I have nero version, and DVDdecryptor
Is there something in the firmware that slows down the readspeed when a dvdmovie is loaded?!


Normally a drive will slowdown to decrease the noise, because 1x speed is enough for viewing an DVD movie from a disk.

It mainly depends on the media used (DVD5, DVD9, DVD10, DVD18, with or without protections) and of course the drive and at what speed it can “rip” or read a media/DVD movie disk.

i get Average Read Rate: 4852 KB/s (3.5x) - Maximum Read Rate: 5384 KB/s (3.9x) on a dvd thats already decrypted, wich is about the same as on a non-decypted movie… is this readrate ok? (i thougt it should take less time to decypt a movie…)

I believe the drive has a protection for DVD-Video that lowers the transfer rate for that kind of files.

I think you can disable this protection with MediaCodeSpeedEdit by selecting the ‘’ increase read sped’’. It will create a new firmware and you’ll have to apply the new firmware to the drive .

That’s normal!!! If you want speed, you need to speed-patch you firmware. You need to download MCSE , and a firmware.
You open you firmware with the log you just downloaded, enable the check box “increase read speed”, save the new file, and flash your drive with it!!!
Please foul around the link I gave you to learn how to do it!!!

thanks! Now i get Average Read Rate: 14080 KB/s (10.2x) - Maximum Read Rate: 19694 KB/s (14.2x)
compared to Average Read Rate: 4852 KB/s (3.5x) - Maximum Read Rate: 5384 KB/s (3.9x)…

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Of course I’m familiar with DVD5 and DVD9 but,
out of curiosity, what are DVD10 and DVD18?

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DVD10 = Double sided single layers
DVD18 = Double sided dual layers
DVD14 = Double sided with one single layer side and one dual layer side

Never knew that, but it makes perfect sense. Thanks.