Slow Copy Speed

This is my first post so any help would be appreciated. I have been using the DVD FAB Platinum for some time with 2 DVD+RW drives in my computer and it was working great. Then I tried copying “The Princess Bride” which I got a “process failed” message when trying to copy. After that my copy speed more than tripled. Then I tried to just use my other drive independently and that worked much better until I tried to Copy “The Usual Suspects” - same problem again.

Now it takes hours to make one copy when before it was 20 minutes. The drive used to copy the movies at over 6MB/s and now its close to 2. Also my computer seems like it’s running on overdrive as the whole system slows down.

If any one has information that could help I would be very grateful. I’ve tried reinstalling the program but that has not fixed the problem.

Thank You

Check your DMA

Yup, agree with LOCO, sure sounds like a DMA issue.
Unfortunately, the link seems to be broken.
I’d recommend the following:

  1. Click the [B]Reset DMA [/B] button in [B]Common Settings [/B] in Fab and reboot as instructed.
  2. If no luck or reverts, read through the 2 links in my sig,
    [B]How to check DMA [/B] | [B]More DMA Help [/B] .
    The second link contains a VB Script file that you will likely have to run. This is a safe and easy task. I encourage folks to read the article…really informative.

Hope this helps.

Seems to work now…try this one. :iagree: Thanks for the heads up MaineMan…

Well, no one can say we didn’t provide sufficient links… :bigsmile: :wink:

LOL…and of course I didn’t even look at your sig which would have been more that sufficient. :doh:

Thank You guys so much. It now works great. I really appreciate your help.

Thanks Again.

Glad to hear you’re up to speed and running smoothly.

Yes, congrats and happy burning. :clap: