Slow Copy Process Issue & Fix



I know that I’ve seen this issue a couple of times on this board and I’ve finally found a fix that works. I was experiencing a .8 mb/s copy speed so I was searching on this forum and found an old post with the same issue. Someone posted a website that contained a VSB file that WORKED! I ran the file, rebooted and I was at 3.5+ mb/s . Can anyone make this a sticky?

Here is the web site.

Like I said, it worked for me!
Maybe DVDFAB can have a option to reset the DMA channels. This would help a lot of people who are having this issue. Just a thought.


Merdoc76: DVDFAB does have the Reset DMA button under settings (general)


Jimbo’s right. The button in DVDFab seems to work well for most users. If your version doesn’t have it, time for an update!:slight_smile: I think the link you posted in is one of the “DMA Help” links that my buddy maineman has in his sig at the bottom of each of his posts. There is some excellent material in those if you ever have DMA problems again. Just use the advanced forum search for any post by maineman.


Well, it already is a sticky in the optical drives forum on cdf. It also appears in a number of members sigs…including mine and StormJumpers; both of us frequent the Fab forum.

The DMA issue appears in a number of recent threads. Take for example, the thread in which you posted a DMA problem:
read and write speed
On post #1, the OP described his DMA problem. The same day on post #2, I posted the info he needed to resolve the issue and which btw, includes the info that you requested in post #4. Interestingly, this includes the very link that you mention now. This info was posted on 01/16. If you had done a search, this info should have been forthcoming, but the answer was right there (including the link) in the same thread you were part of…2 posts away!
I also note that Mack responded to you as well, but apparently you requested the info and didn’t bother to return.
Also, as Jimbo pointed out, Fab has a basic reset DMA function.

I apologize for the rant I don’t mean to take this issue out entirely on you, but the topic arose and it brings up a significant problem.
IMO, we don’t need more stickies, we need people willing to do a little of their own work and accept a modicum of responsibility. This isn’t about not wanting to help, it’s just about what’s right…plain and simple.
Da Taxman said it best:
“I don’t dislike newbies, just lazy people who expect others to do their work for them.”


Well said Tom :slight_smile:


To quote bigmacnc, from his sig:

…Clicking on Search or Searching on Google will not cause your computer to explode :bow: That is just a rumor :doh:


Well, slap my @$$ and call me Sally. I guess that I should have read a little more. I think that there needs to be more in the “support” page instead of just a FAQ and link to the forums. This forum has a lot of good information, but the problem is, it’s got A LOT of information. It needs to be organized and post on the DVDFAB site.



How about just typing in the subject your lokking for in the forum search box?


Yes, the forum has “…A LOT of information…”. The mods do an extraordinary job keeping the place organized and sane, but it’s a [B]Forum[/B] and anyone posting has only to follow some basic rules and even then most ppl. are given considerable slack.

The support page has nothing to do with the cdf forum. A tutorial is being produced by Fengtao and should be out soon. This will provide basic info about his software. Signals has done a great job of piecing together a tutorial here on cdf which is a sticky here on the Fab forum.

Members here post a multitude of problems including just about any topic having to do with computers. Asking for an organized, yet managable support page which would include topics such as aspi access layers, DMA transfer modes, hdd fragmentation and the like, is unrealistic.
If you’ve ever tried to navigate microsoft’s support pages, you know what I mean… :eek:

Your DMA issue was addressed in the very same thread in which you posted a request…and this was inadequate or less than responsive…How???
Again, I don’t want to be excessively harsh here and unfortunately, you’re bearing the brunt of my frustration, but this is an ongoing problem.

BTW, I’m glad you were able to fix your problem


Good job guys. :clap:


You may still want to check your Dma settings again. 3.5 mb/s still sounds a little slow to me. Or is that just a starting point and it gets faster? ~ Mike