Slow Copies


Ok I’m New and I’m sort of slow. I’m using any dvd, and clone dvd and I have used others but my copies take 5x more time then everyone elses, using the same software. Pentium 2.6ghz and 1.5 gig memory, 2 80gig hard drives, 2 writers 1 capable of 16x. Its a new dell computer. The copies are nice but it takes 2 1/2 hours at least. HELP PLEASE :bow:

Enable DMA as a start and don’t copy OTF.

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well first of all what are the burners set to? what type are they?have you checked the ide settings?ect…
what I’m trying to saw in a nice way is that sometimes reading around first,using the search button.try a few of the things that might be suggested here will help in the long run… first check your ide controlers in the device manager.makesure both are set to run in dma.second mke sure you have up to date furmware on burners.
what type of media are you using & who’s make burners are they???
not trying to be to harsh but trying to point you in the right direcion.
read the hardware forum & software forum carefully.dont mind helping people but i could almost bet all your answers are there.
good luck & glad to see a new member