Slow CD Ripping

I’m new to audio CD ripping, and am looking to back up my CD collection. I am using Winamp 5.24 Pro to rip my CD’s, and it’s so slow! I’m ripping at 2x for some reason, the whole disc through, even though I set it to read at 8x, I’ve even tried unlimited. I have an NEC-3540A DVD-RW, latest firmware, clean windows install just yesterday. I’m new to this, and I’ve heard stuff about spin-up times or something like that. How do I increase my speed? I don’t need really fancy programs like Exact Audio Copy, I’d like to stick to the simplicity of winamp, is there any way to increase the read speed?
Any help is appreciated.

from winamp’s website

“Note: To rip CDs at speeds greater than 2x, you must purchase Winamp Pro.”

I am using Winamp Pro version 5.24, I don’t think that’s the problem.

whoops. i missed that part.

in that case have you set the burn speed in the preferences? i believe 2x is the default…

Yes, as I mentioned earlier I have tried everything between 8x and unlimited x. I’m at a loss as to what it could be.

what encoder are you using? i found this note on their FAQs

"Slow ripping speeds with lame_enc.dll v3.96 on lower end systems.
Downgrade to lame_enc.dll v3.90.3 or upgrade (recommended) to 3.97b "

also are your quality and bitrate settings reasonable? very high quality = longer encoding time


why not use another ripper like CDEX or EAC?


also this thread may or may not be relevant

I am using the built in MP3 Encoder 1.3 in Winamp. High VBR 192-320. I understand that encoding may take some time, but my system is pretty up to date. I still don’t think it should go at 2x. But like I said, I’m new to this so I don’t really know what I’m talking about. I will try CDEX to compare speeds, maybe it is just clunky old winamp. I’ll post my results here.

have you tried a search on the winamp tech support forum? i just typined in “slow ripping” and there were TONS of very relevant results.

many of the threads also recommend switching to wnaspi32 instead of the sonic engine (not sure which you’re using)

also have you made sure that DMA is enabled for your drive?

Ok here’s the deal. I switched to CDex with no results at first. When I switched OFF “encode on the fly” my speed increased significantly, so I know my drive can read fairly quickly. I guess my PC is not as fast at encoding as I thought. I’ll play around with this further, thanks for the help everyone! Any more suggestions are totally appreciated.

you didn’t list your PC specs in the original thread so the pc itself being the weak link never crossed my mind.

for the future remember to cram as much information as possible into your posts…doens’t matter if you think it’s relevant or not. :slight_smile:

Pentium 4 2.6 GHZ 800mhz fsb
1gb ddr400 crucial ram
asus p4s800 mobo
wd 120gb ata100 8mb cache HDD
maxtor 120gb ata133 2mb cache HDD

I don’t have an ASPI manager installed. Should I?

there’s no way your system should be the bottleneck there. that shoul dbe plenty fast enough to rip faster than 2x!

i know very little about ASPI things…in fact i know very little about the more recent versions of winamp. i used to use it frequently but stopped a few years ago.

i know i mentioned it above, but are you sure you checked to see if DMA was enabled?

if you still can’t find the answer then i recommend doing a thorough search of the winamp forums and maybe posting your issue on there being very specific about what you’ve already checked and tried. after all, they woul dbe the experts on the topic :slight_smile:

dma is enabled. I am able to rip at 5x now if I disable sonic engine and use native scsi. but 5x still seems slow. CDex goes a little faster when I use lower quality settings, but I expected much faster results. I guess it was wishful thinking.

never mind guys, problem solved. I fooled around with the settings in CDex and enabled it to use native scsi, now it rips fairly fast and encodes on the fly. looks like winamp is just slow. thanks for all your help!

just to clarify, you keep saying scsi…do you mean aspi? or am i totally off base?

just want to make sure this thread is accurate so when 10 million other people have the same question, there’s an answer waiting for them :slight_smile:

either way, i’m glad you’ve got it sorted out…and for now this little girl is going to bed. almost 5am here :yawn:


Just do this: put in a cd, when Winamp finds the artist info, right click down the bottem where the songs are located. Put mouse over RIP and then CD pref. With me so far? Good! Locate Ripping and put mouse over that, change Ripping Speed to Unlimited. Now it will prompt you to enter Reg. Key so here it is: Name: Winamp

I use the latest version of Winamp.