Slow CD Burning w/ 3500A

Since I installed my 3500A about a month ago, I have been using it primarily for burning DVDs. That has worked fairly well - and I moved my Liteon CD Burner to my kids machine.

Last night I tried burning a CDR - Gigastorage 24x - and was limited to 8x. I was not able to select any other speed. I have been able to use this same media on the Liteon and burn at 32x without problem.

I tried a couple versions of the 2.18 based firmware and Quickees 2.28 Standard as well - but still have not been able to increase (or reduce) the burn speed. If I don’t put media in the drive, it appears that I am able to select up to 48x burn speeds.

Is there a way to force Nero to use a higher burn rate (reg hack, etc.)?


No you can’t increase the speed for CD burning… it’s set in the firmware… just buy better disc and you’ll be able to get much higher speeds… the max recommended speed for 3500 is 32x.

Thanks. Any thoughts on why the Liteon 52246S will burn it at the rated speed of 24x (and higher) and the NEC won’t? I’m using Nero 6.6.

Didn’t I told you this right now ?

You told me how to fix it - buy better disks - but not why I should have this problem to begin with.

The CDR is labeled 24x. The Liteon Drive recognizes and burns the CDR at 24x and allows me to choose any speed from 1x-32x. The 3500A only allows me to chose 8x. It just seems odd that my 2 year old Liteon would recognize the media for what it is - but my 1 month old NEC drive doesn’t.

I’ll pick up some better disks and see if I get more choices.

Thanks again,

Like Quikee2 says…It’s the firmware and untill someone here will change it in a release of (modified) firmware or NEC does you will have to use a supported disk that allows the speed you want.

Yes it does seem odd but as you may or may not be aware, many drives behave very differently with different media. That’s why we all appreciate the hard work which people like Quikee2, Liggy & Dee etc…put in to make our beloved 3500’s perform better than NEC ever thought they could. :wink:

I doubt that there would be any great support for them to begin altering CDR media assignments as most get Lite-On CDRW drives for that. Alot of there spare time is therefore spent tweaking DVD media codes for us, however you never know.

I think it is probably best to use mcc, TY or RiTek CDR media if you are going to be burning CDR’s with your 3500 drive. I personally found an improvement with 2.18 f/w and Verbatim Data Life Plus(mcc) media though my RiTek burns seems to have gotten a bit worse.

Thanks Quickee2, Rolling56 and Silversurfer.

I didn’t realize that their would be such a difference in the supported media. I guess that since Gigastorage is a cheapo brand it is defaulting to some unknown media assignment. Too bad I have nearly a full box sitting around.

So… I guess that I’ll either have to swap the the Liteon back out of the kid’s computer or spring for some different media.

Actually, I will probably just live with the slow burns until I use this old stuff. I’ll buy better next time.

Always preferred quality above speed. And that’s what I so appreciate in the NEC-3500. The drive almost always assures you a quality burn. Something I never had with my previous liteon.

I bought some mixed bunch of Memorex 52X ($3.33 for 30) at CompUSA the other day and they can only burn at 32X max in NERO. In fact once the burning starts it will drop down automatically at around 400mb to 24X to finish the burn process safely. Prodisc and CMC (Memerox) will only burn at 32X while Ritek (Memorex) can get to 48X I think. Strange how things works but its always better to avoid getting a coaster and of course the drive manufacturer know their burners the best when it comes to certain media.

Hi Quickee, thanks for all the hard work put in your FWs :bow:

I have always been using only TY CD-Rs (and DVD+Rs by the way :bigsmile: )
They are 48x and the Nec 3500 only shows them as 32x capable

So I see your statement “the max recommended speed for 3500 is 32x” and I have 3 questions, if you can please clarify:

-Why is the drive advertised as 48x capable?
-How did you found out that only 32x is recommended ?
-Why some other brands (Verbatim if I remember correctly) can be burnt at 48x ?

I also had some problems with CD-RW speeds:

High Speed CD-RW (ΤDK, Philips, Platinum) only option is 10x.
Neither 12x, nor 8-6-4x

On the contrary, with an Ultra Speed CD-RW Verbatim, it correctly shows that it can be writen at 24x και 16x

:confused: :confused: :confused:

ever since i got my dvd burner i havn’t burnt a single cd…almost forgot that it could… :slight_smile:

just checked some memorex 52x i have lying around…3500 supports it at 48x

Manufacturer : CMC Magnetics
Code : 97m26s66f
Disc Type : CD-R
Usage : General
Recording Layer : Dye Type 6: Short Strategy (Phthalocyanine)

Because it is capable to write at 48 ?

I’ve seen tests in a review… 48x vs. 32x

Because Nec had good results at 48x with other brands. Read the FAQ.
Anyway… difference between 32x and 48x is small… I don’t think a few seconds really matter.

On the curiosity basis I just did check three different brand of CD-R on my NEC-3500 with the following result:

a) General Quality (GQ) brand 52X shows only to be burned at 16X

b) Optimum brand 48x shows at 32X

c) Memorex brand 52X displays at 48X to be capable to burn

So the capability of drive to burn the CD-R disc is largely depend to quality of CD-R disc.

ok, thanks Quikee :cool:

(sorry for my bad English)