Slow caching and burn process

Howdy everyone , I am new to the burning business , I am just wondering how long does it take for a GAME CD like sims or medevel total war (safedisk 2) to be cached (I am just backing up my CD here , =) )??

When I fired up clonyxxl to detect the cd then use alcholer and cloneCD profiler to pick up thye profiler and simulate the burn … it seems like that it will take artound 33 HOURS (base on the percentage done and time ellipse) … that’s really long so I am thinking if I am doing something wroong or the hardware that I am using to not the correct one …

I have samsung DVD ROM and a Gigabyte DVD burner (16X in DVD , 48x in cd burniong)

thank you guys for replying =)

It will take 33 hours of it carries on at the tiny rate it starts off at (like 50kb/s). However after the first 5% it will speed up loads. It should take under 1 hour to read the first 5%, and then around 10 minutes to read the final 95%.

Just be patient.

Ben :slight_smile:

I think u r right … it does take 1 hours for the first 5% but I hasn’t confirm that it will take 10 mins for the rest … I just give up after 1 hours … maybe I should wait longer … =)

I will test it out tonight

thx for the reply , for a sec I though I was on the wrong track