Slow burns with 1620 and tygo3

soryy, I tried researching this myself (here), but the threads are a little overwhelming.
I have a benq 1620 with B7V9 firmware. I have Tiayu Yudens (sp?) TYG03 and they are supposed to be 16x but are only burning at about 7-8x. any ideas on why this is?


P4 3.0
window xp home edition
120gb harddrive.
1gb ram
Benq master and lliteon ROM as slave.

You should get a burn time of about 6 minutes. Which time do you get ?

i just got a burn of 8 minutes exactly.

Sometimes the 1620 refuses to write -R media (mainly TYG02) and faster than 8x. No one has figured it out yet and I have had this happen with TYG02, TYG03, Maxell RG03 and ProdiscF01. Sometimes restarting your computer will fix the issue if this is what’s happening with yours.:slight_smile:

thanks. that doesn’t work. I guess I’ll just stick to 8x then.

You could try and upgrade to the latest firmware B7W9, I seem to be having less of a problem with not writing at the requested speed with this FW. You could also try writing @16x. My 1620’s would write at 8x when 12x was set but when set to 16x it would write at 16x. Also you should check out ala42’s MCSE strat swap as the 1620 writes TYG03 much better with the TYG02 write stratagy. See Here. Might be worth a shot. Try Nero CD-DVD speed Create data disc, set for 16x write and see if that works.:slight_smile:

thanks. I will try all of your suggetions