Slow burns w/NEC 3520



I recently purchased the NEC 3520a and can’t seem to achieve a full burn in 5 1/2 minutes like some claim to have done. I use Taiyo Yuden 16X media (purchased from I ran a few tests, the test seemed fine as it started at 7.70 and slowly peaked at 16, averaging to 11.XX. Best I can do w/a full burn is 8 minutes 10 seconds on average. I do have it set on UDMA 2 & set as master. I have NOT yet updated the firmware from 1.04. My main concern is burning, ripping is not a big deal to me. Any suggestions on what I can/should do to up the speed on burns?


use nero cd/dvd speed.
do a create a disc
post the result you can save the screen by clicking the floppy icon in the top right


Here are the screens I get after creating a disc.


Another issue is if I’m burning multiple DVD’s, once one is done & the drive ejects for the next DVD to be inserted, the next DVD immediately says FAILED at 1% and I have to eject and reset that same DVD over again… is this a bug w/Nero


Horrible old version, you would have to update.


You showed us your read speed in the above screen. Show us your “Create Data Disc” speed at 16x with Nero CD/DVD Speed. Also try different 16x media to see if your burning speed results change drastically. It should look like the screen I posted. My burn was at 8x though.


Here is the create a disc results…


Anyone have any ideas???


Guess not…


did it take you 30-40 sec to start burning after lead in or 1min 20sec??? that’s where the extra 40-50 sec is taking you. so it fails sometime because your drive has a calibration problems after some use say a week to a month. it is a defect in manufacturing. This has happens to me as well, all disc took 1min 20 sec to burn and occasionally says illegal disc as if the drive is dead (rebooting the computer is the only remedy when this happens). remember it maybe a few people out of a dozen that have this problems, so that’s why others get faster burn time then yours if you minus that extra 40-50 sec for you to do lead in.
so why is speed test faster then burning? because lead in and lead out adds extra sec to your burn time. 5min and 50min it about right as speed test of 16x is about 5min flat.


Yes, it does take around 40 seconds for the burning process to begin. Even with that I figured each burn should still be done in 6 1/2 minutes instead of 8 minutes.