Slow burns w/ 851

Here’s the deal for my burner. I have an 851S that’s now on a controller card (secondary master). For some reason, even w/ modded GS08, GS0A, and GS0C firmwares, it only seems to be burning at ~2.5X (I burned an image file using Alcohol). Burning in Nero yielded near 30 min burns for a full disc. Now here’s the interesting thing. With the burner connected directly to the motherboard as secondary master, it burned at 8x or so. I’m contemplating swapping it with my CD Burner (currently secondary master), but I don’t know if that’ll affect the CD Burner’s burning speed… I also haven’t been able to check DMA things because I have IAA installed (which I plan to remove sometime)… but before I start “wasting” more discs trying to get it to burn at 8x, does anyone have a clue what’s going on?

Try using a different/new (80 wire) IDE cable. :iagree:

Controller cards are no good for burners, let alone an 8X burner…

Well, given that controller cards are no good for burners, how come I see say… reviewers w/ like, 8 burners with some seemingly on controller cards? But if I shouldn’t have a burner connect to a controller card, would it be fine to connect my burner as secondary slave if secondary master is a CD burner? I presently have 4 hard drives, a cd burner, and a dvd burner on separate channels (2 channels from the MB and 2 controller cards). So if both my burners were on the secondary channel on my MB as master and slave, would I see no difference and still be able to say, copy CDs on the fly?

I have 6 total devices, 6 total channels… putting my primary HDD onto a controller card caused problems w/ audio, while allowing me to put burners on their own channel on the MB and also allowing a full 8x burning speed…

I missed the controller card part on my first read.
If possible I would move the burner to the secondary master on the motherboard’s built in IDE controller.

Unfortunately controller cards are a touchy issue. Some brands will work better then others with these optical drives and some won’t work at all. The good news is you have been able to obtain some success already.
With a controller card the only answer I can give you is to experiment (as you have been) as each one is different and of course each system is different.

jtzou, I pretty much have the same situation as you do. I have 3 DVD+_R’s and a cd burner then 4 hard drives… At the end what I ended up doing was going external. I got online and found a vendor that offered external firewire & USB2.0 cases at a reasonable price and I put everything I had in them (DVDRW’s). This way I can copy anything i want to on the fly. I’ve had all 3 DVD burners burning at once with minimal bus bandwidth problems. But it takes a bit of experimenting. All I can say is that I had very little luck in getting my DVD burners to work on on the Promise IDE controller that is build into my mother board. In fact I had one build by Maxtor and couldn’t get that one to work either (All ATA133). So while some of these guys claim to have made there drives work, I’d say it’s pretty rare. You’re better off just doing something like what you said (putting your hard drives on the add-on controller). Anyhow, good luck.

Wow, can’t believe how similar your situation is to mine eltino. I have 2 controller cards, a Promise 100 and a Maxtor 133 one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, it looks like i WILL be moving the burner to secondary master on the MB, and my Sony 52x CDRW to secondary slave. As far as burning to each individually I don’t think there’s speed problems, but what if I wanted to copy on the fly or burn to multiple recorders (not that I will, I just want to know if I can). If I can’t, then oh well, that’s a sacrifice I can live with.
Or I could test it for myself… ponders :slight_smile:

Originally posted by jtzou
Or I could test it for myself… ponders :slight_smile:

We could tell you what works for us and it may not work for you.
So yes, that is your best bet when it comes to burning on the fly as it is almost as ‘touchy’ of an issue as a controller card.