Slow Burns On SHW-1635s



Guys I am looking for some help on my new 1635s. I can’t seem to get the burn speed above 6x. I am on WinXP SP1, P4 1.7gh, Intel 845grg mobo, 768mb Ram, 200gb (primary slave) & 100gb (primary master) WD hard drives, LiteOn 16x DVD-Rom (secondary slave), and 1635s (secondary master).
Checked transfer modes and they are UDMA2 for both IDE channels. Ran Nero drive speed and it says transfer rate is 16x but no matter what program I use (Nero, DVD Decrypter, Alcohol 120) I can’t seem to get a average burn/rip rate above 6x. I will see the speed spike at around 9x but doesn’t stay there for long. I have tried this with ripping ISO, Burning ISO, and copying disc-to-disc.
I tried turning off firewall as suggested in another post but had no effect. Any ideas? I just reinstalled WinXP and used latest drivers for all hardware. Upgraded firmware on 1635s to latest version. Still same results. Help…arghhh :confused:


The 1635S should really be running in UDMA mode 4 which could be that you’re not using quality 80wire IDE cables. Mine’s running firmware YS0W.

Also it could be the media & the drive is not happy to burn fast. What media are you using?



I think I have very similar problem as you. Take a look at my post in a thread “Lite On SHW 16H5S Scans” number #89. There are also pictures and explanation. I will not write it once again because it’s to much. Later I will write back.