Slow burning



Hey guys!

Kinda new to this, i have 2 LG H2 18X burners and i am using Alcohol 120% to do multiple burner dvd copies but it seems like somethings not right.

I’m using 16X blanks and the burn times vary from 15 minutes to 17 minutes, am i doing something wrong? Is there some configuration that i haven’t done correctly?

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Hi and Welcome,

it is not unusual that the speed drops down if it is tried to write with two burners at once. Main reason is a system that is not capable to provide the necessary data rate.



That, and if you have either of the burners on the same channel as your hard disk (or on the same channel as each other) you are going to lose seroius throughput too.

You also won’t get optimal quality at 16x, although it can be good.


Thanks for the help guys, the burners are on the same channel and the hard disk is on the same channel as the dvd-rom.

I will swap the combinations to hard disk and 1 burner on one channel and the other burner and dvd-rom on one channel and see how it goes

thanks for the welcome :slight_smile: