Slow Burning



I am using DVDFab Platinum, the program is copying and writing extremely slow. At one time I could burn a dvd in less than 25 mins, now it takes 4 hours. If you have experience this problem or any suggestion on how to burn it faster please help!


Please open common settings and click on the “RESET DMA” button
PLUS if you are doing a backup it is best if you do not use the internet during the process


StormJumper, I tried that earlier(resetting the DMA) and it did not work as well uninstalling and reinstalling the program. any other suggestions


Hi Munchie101,

There are two “DMA” links in my sig. Follow the steps in #1…pretty quick and straightforward.
If no luck, you’re on to #2 (this is pretty likely since resetting didn’t help). This can get a little complicated, but still not too bad. Assuming you’re running xp? Basically, as xp encounters CRC errors, your burner’s transfer mode (rate of data transfer) is sequentially decreased. Once you exceed 6 CRC errors, you’re stuck in PIO. Just an FYI, your burner(s) probably should be in Ultra DMA2, whereas your hdd(s) are probably UDMA 5 or 6. The second DMA link gives a pretty good explanation of what’s going on here.

Hope this helps, let us know…