Slow burning with Pioneer DVR-107D

Hi, my Pioneer DVD-/+RW(DVR-107D) drive, which I had for about half a year all of a sudden started burning at slow speed.

Drive: Pioneer DVR-107D
OS: WinXP Home
CPU: Celeron D 2.66Ghz
RAM: 760M
Software: Nero, Ulead Moviefactory 3 Suite
Discs I’ve Tried: Maxell 4x -R, Memorex 8x +R, Sony 4x +RW

I tried Burning at 4x(Maxell 4x DVD-R, Sony 4x DVD+RW) and 8x(Memorex 8x DVD+R), but both takes about 30 minutes. I believe it is burning at around 2, 2.4x. I’ve tried Nero 6.6 and Ulead Moviefactory 3 Suite(which came with the drive), but get the same result. The disc burns fine, whether burning .iso, data, or DVD Video, the problem is that it just burns slow.

I first installed the drive in my parent’s computer but wasn’t working properly after I installed the firmware ver.1.21(probably because of the OS, Win98) so I put it in my computer, which has XP Home, and was able to burn 8x fine for a while. couple of days ago, I was making a data disc and took about 30 minutes, while Nero displayed that it would take about 8 min(I was supposed to be burning at 8x). after that, I tried it about 3 times, with both 4x and 8x, but always take about 30 minutes.

Most posts I see here seems like people are having trouble with their drives from the beginning, but mine was working perfectly fine for a while, so I don’t know what is wrong. Any suggestions would help. Thank you.

Forgot to mention:

I’ve re-installed both the drive and the software but nothing changed.

look at device manager and see if if IDE channel is in Dma if avaliable
(the channel of the drive).
just a guess

Yes, I’ve checked the IDE Channel and it is set tp “DMA if available.”

I’ve checked the drive speed w/ Nero CD-DVD Speed and found ou that reading was slow also.

The Pioneer DVR-107D:
Average read speed: 2.07x

My secondary drive TSSPcorp CDW/DVD Drive TS-H492A (Samsung, came with the computer):
Average read speed: 5.17x

So the Pioneer is slow not only burning, bur also reading… What would possibly cause such problem?

DMA, nothing else.
Delete the entries in Devicemanager and reboot.

I had a similar problem with pioneer 110D DVR. :sad:

I rectified it by enabling DMA on all the Pioneer 110D DVD player and also by enabling DMA on all the hard drives. :clap:

After which I was able to burn at the top speed for the burner. :clap: :clap:

Lisa Reis - love you princess :). :bow: :flower:

How do i enable DMA ? i have a pioneer 110D DVR whit the same problem

By just google’ing???

Has the 107D firmware been updated? That might help especially if media used has changed since meida compatibility may be improved by updates.