Slow burning with new BenQ 1655

Hello guys… I really need som help here.

Just watching a dvd, makes the dvd, and mouse lags.

When burning with either DVDdecrypter or Nero, Burning will not go over 1xspeed. This Dvd it a Verbatim 16X DVD-R. Also when burning mouse lags.
When burning it takes about 1 hour atleast…

I updated the firmware to “BCIB”. But with no result.

This has happend to my other drives olso. Before this one “BenQ 1655”. I had a NEC 4571A. That one made the same problems… So then I change it to this NEW BenQ 1655 I just got today.

— I looked in the device manager. An one of the IDE’s run PIO. Thats bad, right?

So I guess this has something to do with my mainboard? Or what the heck can it
be? Getting real tired of changings drives… and so are the store !

Hope I can get som PROF help here! THX

An one of the IDE’s run PIO. Thats bad, right?

Yep, need to be in DMA for all drives.


Try to uninstall the ide-controller in the device manager and then reboot.
That Should help.
Update your chipset driver afterwards.

I see in your second attachement that the BenQ, which is on the secondary IDE-channel, works in PIO-Mode.

So do, what I mentioned above.

OK! But how do I make it run DMA then ??

If everything runs correctly, it should reinstall the IDE channels automatically - with DMA-ON!

Your chipset is from Intel - so download the latest Chipset Install Utility from their homepage.

I have now tried to reinstall the IDE channels, and set DMA to on. But after restart, its still running PIO !#¤L%"#"!

I try install the latest chipset driver.

Thx for helping!

Is the jumper set to master?
Do you use an 80-wire cable?? I would try another cable…

damn… can’t find my board on =(

My mainboard is “MSI, Intel P965 Express Neo”.

I have not change the jumper. Is it not as Defalt master?

And Im using the cable that went with mainboard. So I am guessing Im use 80-wire cable*%20XP%20Professional&lang=eng
That should be the right driver…
You were searching at the wrong place…
Your board is from Msi, so you will only find it at the MSI homepage :wink:
But the chipset is the important thing, the latest drivers can be found at the Intel-Homepage.

If you have another cable, try it!

greets! :slight_smile: