Slow burning with Nero 7



I’m quite new to burning dvds, and am using nero 7 to burn movie files onto dvd with a high spec laptop. The process works fine and the dvds play ok once finished, the problem i have is that the process takes ages!

My friend also uses nero 7, and for a similar movie file it takes him 45mins, whereas mine can take up to 2.5hrs. The window that runs through the images of the movie file moves almost in real time with mine, but his whizzes through at warp speed!

Should i be doing something different?


You’re talking of an entire Recode process, not just burning.
Burning a DVD takes only a few minutes (~8min@8X).

But there’s a process before the burn (called transcoding), that reduce the size of the dual layer orginal disc (up to 8.5-9Go) to a single layered disc (4.3Go). This use a lot of CPU power.

I see two possibilities :
1- Your friend must have a good PC (P4 3.2GHz for instance), with a CPU much faster than your laptop one
2- Check your DMA settings. HDDs use DMA mode 5 and burners use DMA mode 2 or 4. PIO mode kills performance.


Thanks a lot for the quick reply ItalianJob. It is the transcoding process that is slow. So is this process basically making the movie file small enough to fit onto my 4.7gb dvd? I’ll check my DMA settings but I fear your first possibility is correct. Thanks again.