Slow Burning with Benq DW1650



Hi, folks,

I’m having a problem with my Benq burner and I hope i can hear some good suggestions here how to solve it.

Whenever I try to burn a DVD, and I always do the burning at 8X, it lasts 13-16 mins. This rarely happened before, it was capable of burning a DVD at 8X for app. 8 mins, but now, it takes much longer. Same thing happens when I try to burn the disc at 12X or 16X.

I have also tried flashing the drive with another fw, but it doesn’t help. Also tried installing another version of Nero, same thing.

The BenQ configuration is: WOPC on, SB off/on, OS off (I have tried with SB on/on, OS on, but with no result).

The DVDs I’ve been burning were Verbatim MCC004 MBI made. I had no problem with these DVDs ever until now. The quality of the burns was actually excellent (see the attached image), but the burning speed…awful. You can see on the attached image that the speed drops and remains at 4X during the whole scan. I haven’t yet tried burning other discs than this Verbatim, but I just can’t believe that the problem is with every single disc. Btw, they are all from the same batch. I will buy some other dvd’s tomorrow and try with them.

If it matters, my computer configuration is:
Intel Pentium D 805 Dual Core 2.67MHz
WDC Caviar 150GB SATA-II
512MB DDR2 667 RAM
ASUS GeForce 7300GT 256MB
BenQ DW-1650 BCIC

Please, help!


I think you need to check the DMA status of the burner. Being limited to a 4x burn speed is a sign of the burner being in PIO mode rather than Ultra DMA mode 2.


Nope, it’s in UDMA 2 mode on Primary IDE channel as master. My SATA HD is on another primary IDE chanel (is this normal? two primary IDE channels?) as master drive in UDMA 5 mode. Those are only two drives I have.

Any other suggestion?


Try to clear the learned media in QSuite and try again with SB off first. If no luck then SB On.


Already tried, but nothing.



I think you may be experiencing a problem which has been reported for some BenQ firmwares which results in 4x write speed if you use SB. Try flashing to BCDC if you want to use SB all the time as it doesn’t have this issue AFAIK.


I use BCFC in both my 1650s with SB on without a problem so perhaps that’s another option.


I’ve switched to BCFC and tried several other media (MCC03RG20 from DataWrite and Verbatim and MCC004 from another batch of Verbatim) and everything went well. Then I tried the old MCC004 Verbatims with which I had the problem and, surprisingly, everything was OK. Is it possible that the problem was with both BCHC and BCIC (and I had no problem with these fws previously)? I did the burns with SB off.


The 4x write speed problem only occurs if you use SB permanently, no SB=no such problem.


Try to upgrade to BCIC and burn with SB off (for known media) and see if you get the problem again.

I’ve always use SB off for known media but then I never tried MCC004 MBI.


I’d rather not play with it again, I’ll stick with BCFC while it works, but I’m gonna try it once I get some TY media.

But I had the problem before I switched the burner to SB on. Switching SB on/off had no impact to the burning speed, it always stayed at 4X, until I switched back to BCFC.


For such a fast PC, it seems to be struggling to keep the buffer full. My old Athlon 850MHz PC does better than that. I would expect to see the buffer staying above 90%. Is the SATA hard-drive working properly? Check that you are using the latest drivers for the SATA controller.


I don’t know what to say about the buffer. My HD is working ok, how can I check the SATA controller drivers? I didn’t install them separately during Win installation, they were installed by Windows itself.


I don’t know much about the subject myself but I get the feeling that there is something not quite right. The image below shows an 8x DVD burn on my old Athlon 850MHz. This machine would be considered very slow by modern standards. It uses PC100 RAM and has a relatively slow DMA mode 2 IDE controller for the DVD drive and the 8GB hard-disc. As you can see, it has no trouble keeping the BenQ’s buffer almost full for the entire burn.

I think your main board is a recent model. Unless you are running a very recent version of Windows, it is quite likely that you don’t have the latest drivers for the on-board SATA and IDE controllers. Quite often the computer will work without the correct drivers, but the disk I/O will default to a very slow PIO mode.

What happens if you run the CD-DVD Speed benchmarks. I would be particularly interested in the transfer rate test and burst rate results.


In Device Manager it says that HD is working under UDMA 5 mode. The Windows I’m using is XP pro SP2 (build number 5.1.2600), but I don’t know how to say is it the latest version or not. You can see the benchmark results on the image, so tell me what you think, because I don’t know what those results mean.


Well that’s a perfect TRT & burst rate so nothing wrong with 1650 there.

As for the buffer issue I think that the 1650 does have different characteristics to [B]Skelton’[/B]s 1640.

You’ll note that your burn time is quicker than [B]Skelton[/B]'s and average speed is also higher for what appears to be an almost identically sized image.

I don’t think you have a thing to worry about.


Yes the TRT looks very nice. You might be right about the different characteristics of the 1650 compared to the 1640. I found a link to this scan on the BenQ forum:

Apologies to nvukelic for casting aspersions on his PC by comparing it to an old Athlon 850 :o


:slight_smile: :slight_smile: No hard feelings! Thank you people for help and constructive suggestions :bow: .