Slow burning w/ & winxp sp2

I was using a prior version of Burning Rom (6.1.x.x) and it chugged along nicely w/ winxp sp1. 4x dvd-r would usually take about 15 minutes on my plextor 708-A. This combination worked for over 1 year w/ over 200 successful burns (no coasters).

Last week I decided to upgrade to winxp sp2 and found out that my older version of Nero would no longer be compatable, so I got v. and installed it.
It burns my 4x but now takes over 45 minutes to complete a full burn.

Other than installation of sp2, nothing else has changed. What gives?

Please help. Thanks.


The obvious solution is to check Device Manager to see if UltraDMA is enabled for your burner and the hard drive (look under IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers). See this screenshot for an example of what the settings should look like.

I see the same thing happening on 6.6

[Amd 64, 3200+, Two gigs 3200 ram, 128 ram video shared, Hd-7200,udma all drives,Win-Xp-Home/with sp2 and current updates from ms website.Windows swap file on ntfs drive 512-1536 or so range configured,sb-a2 sound card, usb 2.0 ext drive]

Files are on (D:), burner is on secondary controller/primary master. second drive as slave is a a dvd-rom read only drive.

udma active on all on board controllers…

The burns which brought me here seem to take about one hour and eighteen minutes. Hopefully I can get that changed… cringe…

Nec drive 16x burn able. Media is 4x-r selected 4x burn mode though nero saw the speed capable of going up to 12x.

The drive is a nec 3540a

I did check the controller and one in there does say PIO.

Later I will open the box and duble check what cables are going where to make sure.

I did take the time to open the case. I removed :

Samsung DVD Master 16E Model SD-616 (slave, secondary controller)

Reburn close to same size dvd burn this time took about 14 minutes
at 4X instead of an hour and eighteen minutes.

Oh I do not know if this matters. I also disabled the indexing on the drive that
has the windows swap file.

Forgot to add. The dvd drive mentioned here was set as PIO in windows home xp/sp2 and I could not change it in windows though the PC bios was set to autio detection.