Slow burning speeds

i’ve done asearch but failed, please spare me if i missed it…
ok… i’ve got a 108 as master and 107 as slave, both on second ide channel. only a hdd on first channel. if i burn from 108 to 107 on the fly , record now max reports 11 mins(4gig aprox) but it normaly fails. if i burn from 107 to 108 its ok but takes 14 mins. im confused !! and should’nt it be 8 mins???. cheers.
ide0, dma6. ide1, 108 dma4 107 dma2

running two writers on the same ide cable is no good put your 107 as slave with your hard drive and leave your 108 as secondary master then you will get the writing speeds you want
cheers bighun1952