Slow burning speed

Hi all

I hope someone can help me here.
I have just bought a new Sony CRX120 burner (48x write) and it is burning at a fraction of it’s 48x capabilities. I am getting around 19x max burning from any source be it audio cd’s or files from my hard drive.

I am using Win XP Pro and my computer is fairly fast. I have Easy CD 5 with the latest patch update installed. DMA is all set. All XP updates are installed as well.

I am using Memorex 32x CDR’s…not the best granted, but surely they shoud be hitting around the 30x mark and not 19x?

Hope someone can help

Thanks in advance


which programs are running in the background and could we have a complete systems spec ?

Thanks for replying.
I have discovered the boost thing the drive has and this has pushed the speed up to around 34x, given that i’m using 32x cdr’s this seems pretty decent…i’m pretty happy with this.


get yourself a copy of nero aswell