Slow burning speed!


I have had my NEC ND3500A for about 2 years now but it wasnt untill last week i started to investigate why the burning speed was so slow. I have always thought it had something to do with my harddrives. But now I know that it doesnt, the HDDs are using UDMA5 and the burner is only using PIO.

I have tried every possible solution without any result. For example I have deleted secondary IDE controller/channel and the only thing that happens is that Windows doesnt want to start. I get as far as the loading screen and there it freezes (waited up to 5min+. Should it take that long to find the sec IDE controller?). Ive also tried messing around in regedit. I know what im doing (but im starting to think i dont :D). No result there either. And of course I have tried with the most simple solutions, changed from 80-pin to 40-pin and back, switched master/slave pos. etc and soforth.

Yesterday plugged the burner into my other comp. and it worked fine(UDMA2). So that should eliminate the possible hardware problem.

What should i do?

My specs (kinda old :P)

AMD XP 1700+ (1,47? GHz)
512 ddr
Msi motherboard Kt266 pro 2

This is most likely the problem.

[B]Msi motherboard Kt266 pro 2[/B]

I have a similar board to this & any optical device on the secondary channel runs in PIO mode. It’s a known issue.

Try switching the HDD to the secondary & the 3500 to the primary. This shouldn’t affect anything at all, certainly didn’t for me.

This cant be the problem cause as i mentioned I switched the dvd to another computer and it also uses the kt266pro 2 (-R Raid on that one, though not in use) mother board

It’s worth a try though as the chipset might be slightly different.

Here’s a couple of links to look at that might help as well. Here and here .

Tried them both, but thanks anyway :slight_smile: