Slow burning speed

When I first got my DVR-110D and burned a dvd it burn quick at 8x. Then I burned another DVD and it took over half an hour to burn at 8x. Just now I tried to burn a DVD ISO at 8x with alcohol 120% and it only went to 1.2x max, heres a screenshot…

Check DMA.

You need to use an 80 conductor 40 pin cable. The drive should then be in UDMA mode 4. :slight_smile:

Good advice given. The high CPU figure is another clue that DMA is not enabled & PIO mode is in operation.

I have DMA mode enabled, its on UDMA 2. How do I make it UDMA 4?

i currently also have my drives set up w/ UDMA 2, and it is still possible for me to burn @ 16x speed (about 23Mb/s). also, as for the cable, a 40wire cable should be fine as it allows for data transfer of up to 33Mb/s IIFC.

So what could the problem be?

Enable DMA on the source drive.

I tried but it goes back to PIO


so the 80 CONDUCTOR 40 PIN CABLE should fix my problem?

A 40 pin cable gives you UDMA-2…
A 80 pin cable gives you UDMA-4…

Delete IDE Controllers in System manager. Reboot and Windows should recognize your harddisc and optical drives correct.

Your harddisc and optical drives must be in UDMA mode for highspeed burning.

A 40 pin/40 wire cable support UDMA 2 and are sufficient for optical devices.

You only need 40 pin/80 wire cable if your device support higher DMA mode’s.

I can’t becuase the hard drive on that channel has my operating system.

W00t?! Where is the problem…

I read somewhere in a thread that you should not uninstall a channel that has the operating system hard drive on it.