Slow burning speed with pioneer 115d please help

Ok I recently purchased a pioneer 115d external but I am getting extremly slow burn speeds with it on my laptop it took 1 hour to burn a dvd at x8. However when I burn on my desktop using it, it burns at the same speed as an internal one which I want like 12 mins for a dvd at x4 etc. The weird thing is my laptop is like 3x better than my desktop so I can’t see how it burns slow on the laptop but fast on the desktop it makes no sense. And yes DMA is enabled on the laptop.
For exmaple when I try to burn a 360 game in clonecd on the laptop at x2 the speed will start at 3500k/byts which is the right speed so takes about 40 minutes. Then all of a sudden it will go to like 250k/byts which would take hours and the speed it’s burning at just keeeps on moving up and down up and down between like 100 and 800 kbys.
Does anyone know what could be causing this problem thanks?

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What type of External Enclosure (Manufacture Name/Model Number) is your Pioneer DVR-115D installed in? Are you certain that your particiuair External Enclosure supports Optical Drives? Have you ensured that the LapTop/External Enclosure Cable is properly connected?

What is the MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) of the blank Media you are attempting to Burn your XBox 360 game to? If you are unaware of how to obtain the blank DVD Media MID suggest using a software utility program similar to DVDInfo (


Obviously the enclosure (and the chipset inside) is the troublemaker here.
Which make/model is it?


since the unit works nice if it is connected to a desktop computer, but is getting sluggish if connected to the notebook, I suspect, the USB chipset of the notebook is the culprit.
No media issue, also no issue with enclosure and the drive.

Maybe also some configuration problem with the notebook.

[B]ernestalex[/B], can you get (borrow from a friend or so) an external harddisc and do a read test using HDTune with your notebook and your desktop? Also please provide some information about the chipset used in your notebook and your desktop.