Slow burning speed 451@832S CG3E



It has been awhile since I used this firmware, no real problems.

But I noticed that the burning speed is 2X instead of 4X. Nero indicates 4X is possible right before the burn. But burning takes 30 min for a full disc, which was around 15 min.

I checked the strat for burning these discs (Ritek G04 and Philips04) both having 4X enabled. Anyone know what the problem is? Is it maybe the CG3E?


try with CG5G:


Thanx for the advise. Quicker burns and a bit better!

Although it’s a bit strange that it doesn’t recognize the disc (RitekG04). The whole batch burns like this: high start, low end.

Anyone know how to compensate this? My DVD+RW does this too though. Maybe drive problem?

Thanx for the help.


@ Vincent7
Try updating your kprobe to 2.4.3. Then try the scans at 4x scan speed.


Same disc, new KProbe.

Gives me a better scan. I think this is a decent scan :slight_smile:


@ Vincent7
Yes that is a very good scan…I don’t think there is much you can do about the beginning PI mountain…but congrats on the good burn!