Slow burning/ripping and complete take over of system resources!

I have ripped and burned dvd’s for almost a year now.

Suddenly neither of my drives (a NEC and Liteon) can rip more than 2x using DVDencrypter… (the buffer bar keeps on going up and down)… and when I’m burning, it’s also doesn’t go above 2x and the system resource seems to be completely taken over by the burning… all the other applications are not useable… you can’t even toggle between different tasks.

What happened?

I have Windows 2000… having these two burners ont he same IDE channel but never rip/burn both drives at the same time.

have you installed any software recently ? firewalls, antivirus programs etc. made any hardware changes ? “tweaked” any Services ? open taskmanager and see what processes are running that you think should not be running.

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It seems that somehow the DMA settings for your drives have been changed, resulting in lower transfer speeds.

You can check your DMA in 2000 as in XP if memory serves me right, you can check this page to see how:

have you ever defraged your HD? if not give it a try.

Thanks all for the help.

I deleted and removed the IDE chanel from Device Manager and that seemed to have resolved the issue… for now.

Last night I was burning a disc and the same reduced burning speed and changing buffer size have returned. I checked the IDE settings again and they are still on ultra. I tried ripped a disc on the other dvd burner, the rip speed seemed to have gone down again.

I rebooted the computer… it’s back to normal.

SOMETHING must be causing the IDE mode to reset itself!

I will try to defrag the hard drive next.