Slow burning question

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Just wondering if you could offer some possible suggestions for my slow burning. Even when I ask DVD Decrypter to burn a movie at 6x (ISO), the output still shows 2x average speed at the end of burn. Is this due to my low mem/slower CPU system? In my case, it doesn’t matter if movie is compressed or not, 2x either way. FYI: Transfer mode is DMA.

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YUDEN0000-T02-00 8x DVD+R (packaged as Fujifilm)
HP 630i 16x DVD writer
P3 800, 384 RAM
DVD Decrypter to burn ISO
DVD Shrink to rip and shrink

Is DMA on for both HD & burner? HD would probably be UDMA mode 5 & the burmer UDMA mode 2.

Also it’s essential that the burner & HD are on different IDE channels.

It’s possible that your spec (p3 800) is an issue but I would have thought you should get more than 2X. Try defragging your HD as this can make a substantial difference.

Note what’s happening to the 2 buffers in Decrypter. Typical the device buffer would stay around 90%. If they keep dropping badly then fragmentation could be the cause.

If the TY’s are genuine the minimum you should get is 8X. My Benq burns these at 16X.