Slow burning on GSA-4120B in external USB box


I have a GSA-4120B inside a 5.25" Omni BA-5250A USB2 external box. My problem is that I can’t burn at any faster than 2Mb/sec onto TDK 8x DVD+R media. It’s driving me crazy. Nero says that I can burn at up to 12x but it doesn’t matter what I put it as, it always takes about 35 minutes to burn a disk.

Any ideas?


I have no solution, but a similar problem.
I use my GSA-4120B in a Firewire-Box and I can’t burn faster than 8x.
Nero says 12x, but the burning process is about 12 minutes (between 4x and 8x). Nero speedtest says, my harddisk could deliver at 18mb/s and 12x would only 16mb/s, but no chance.

For me it’s not a real big problem, because 8x is fast, but a solution would be nice anyway.

mine is going at 2x which is a big problem =-(

come on folks, does anyone have any ideas???

obviously ur chipset is not fast enuf to support high speed burning
most usb2 casings can hit 8x nicely, but difficultly at 12x, much less 16x
firewire can hit 12x quite easily, but 16x is quite hard.
for me, i did achieve 12x on a usb2 casing. ALI chipset.

ok thanks… so you don’t think the USB2 is the prob?

I have a similar problem, my USB 2.0 housing needed no drivers (XP finds own), my PCMCIA USB 2.0 card has ALI drivers and my DVD drive is an LG GSA 4160B with the latest firmware installed.

It does not seem to be able to burn at more than x2 with DataWrite x4 media and is even slower with some other DVD’s which were suppost to be x8.

I previously had a Panasonic Matshita SW-9581 installed in the external case and it seemed to work fine, though that drives fastest speed was x2 anyway.

If anyone knows of a way to correct this problem I would be very gratefull

Hi all,

I have had this exact problem and isloated it to the USB enclosure. The BA-5250A USB enclosure that I have has the Cypress chipset and could not achieve a burn faster than 4X. My research indicates that this box may also come out with a Genesys chipset as well. See the following link:

Any attempt at 8X resulted in a burn of around 30min (2X). I tried a different enclosure (it was 3.5" enclosure so the drive was too big too be physically mounted in the box so it was left outside) that had a Genesys chipset and 8X was achieved. I have not tried any faster as I only have 8X media readily available.

See the following thread in afterdawn for all the details: