Slow burning dvds...Buffer?



I upgrade :a to the newer version of nero. Now it takes me about 40 min to burn a dvd from my HD. I also noticed that my buffer goes up and down. In my older versions it would stay at 98% writing to the disk…I have gone back to regular nero 6 and still the same problem. I am also defraging my harddrive…Any suggestions?


When you going back to older version of Nero you still have the buggy portion of Nero new revision on your computer unless you clean:

  1. Delete the registry comletely from Nero
  2. Delete Nero folder from All Program (Window)
    3)Delete the Nero folder from "Ducument and Setting\Userdata\Localsetting\Temp\Nerofolder.


When you did all that did it help? I’m having the same problem and I don’t think the NERO is the problem? What’s your burner and mainboard?


I’m new to this forum and I’m having the same problem with my Samsung TS-H552B burner. But I didn’t upgrade my nero when it started happening. I was running NERO express 6.3.1. It was working fine and then after about 1 month of not burning anything, I went to burn a new DVD and it started acting up. I upgraded to NERO 6.6 but it still burns very slow and intermittedly. The only thing I can think of is that iTunes was installed but it hasn’t been used for burning. Any suggestions would very much be appreciated. :confused:


During this one month of inactivity of burning some thing has get in to your computer registry that has conflect with Nero, try to restore your system to 45 days back and see if that solves your problem.


Dont do that…The way you have to do it is to make sure DMA is avail. Do a search on how to make DMA avail on this site or google. That fixed mine. You basicly have to uninstal the driver of your device. I would also recomend that you uninstal NERO and [B]all folders/B then reinstal. Remember to write down your key…