Slow burning, buffer problems?

my burner is LG GCE-8523B, i use Nero 6 Ultra, in my previous windows installation (xp) it burned fine until one day the burning started to take 10 min instead of 2min and the computer worked very slow, i noticed that the read buffer and the cdrom buffer level were low, they climbed up slowly and then a sudden drop, after i installed windows again the problem disappeared, but after not a long period it has started again
this is getting annoying.
(i know this is not the media’s problems because i have tried several types).
i also tried closing all the applications, i even had 180mb free in my RAM and i have 1gb free at C: drive, i simply cant see what is wrong…
i also tried disabling my anti-virus.

thanks in advance, Haplo.

Okay, the first thing I would do is defragmant your hard disc. If the files you are putting on your CD are fragmented (to put simply, in small peices all over your hard drive), then your computer is spending more time hunting the files than burning, so the buffer runs out and the CD burn slower (or even pause if the buffer is completly empty).

Secondly I would try not running any programs when you are burning a CD. Having 80 meg free RAM is one thing, but if the processor is too busy with other programs then it cannot give enough time to Nero.

Last, but not least, free some more room on your hard disc, a gig is a bit small, try for at least 3 if possible (and colsolitate your free space if possible).

as i said, i already tried closing all programs running and i had 180mb free on my ram
and 1gig on C i do belive its enough
and i doubt defraging will help because it started happening from no reason.

This is a classic sign if a fragmented drive, I agree that 1 gig should be enough, but XP starts to get a bit jittery when it is running low (and XP sees 1 gig as low).

What sort of stuff are you burning? how much stuff are you putting on a cd at any one time?
Has DMA been switched on?

I had the same problem. The transfer mode was set to PIO mode and not DMA (check the ide channel for the cd-rom in devicemanager). To solve this I connected my CD as master on the second IDE channel. After this I uninstalled the IDE channel in device manager. This forced XP to detect and reinstall the drivers for it.

I read an article about this problem:

In case XP is not providing the DMA option for the devices simply uninstall the affected ide channel ( device manager) and reboot. XP redetects it and now DMA should be as option available.