Slow burning because files are fragmented

Is this possible?
I mean, I bought 50 Verbatims (made in India) last week and they refuse to burn faster then 4X.
They’re not constant on 4X but that’s the average. The discs are 16X certified and my burner is capable of doing that.
I came with this idea because a straight dvd copy burns at the maximum read speed of the other disc.
Who can confirm this (or give another solution)
Btw, defragmenting the disc is not something I’m going to do, the data is constantly being removed or new data is coming.

Do a CDSpeed datadisc test and post the graph, suggest using the “burn ISO” option.

You cannot expect any kind of system performance with a drive that looks like that. You also cannot fix that with Windows defrag, you’d need a real defragger program. 15% free space is inadequate also, especially fragmented free space.

If both C and D are on the same physical drive, that’s also part of the problem, but a small part.

Defrag your C: drive in Safe Mode. Then defrag your D: the regular way (i.e. not in Safe Mode). That’s just the way I do it, cause I’m using Windows Defrag for now.

See how the discs burn then…and 15% free space, yowch! :eek:

Do other discs burn at their rated speed? If so, then it probably isn’t a DMA issue (just trying to rule stuff out!).

Also, post your burner and firmware…those MII Verbs may be a bit iffy on your drive. :slight_smile:

Why not try O&O defrag? Im sure you can download a trial of it somewhere. You can run a Stealth defrag, which is about 5x quicker than a windows defrag, and it gets the job done

Ive had burns fail because of badly fragmented drives.

… but you’ll HAVE to nevertheless. Do it when the “old” data is removed, it will save time, and after that you won’t need to re-defragment before some time.

But the other problem is the lack of free space I think. 15% is probably not enough to get correct performance from you HD (but as it’s not the system disc I’m not 100% sure about that).

So even with 15% space left it can be slow?
And what does it matter that my D is on the same physical drive as my C?
I’m going to run the CDSpeed test now and post the results here.
Thank you all so far.
Btw my burner is a Lite-on 1635s using YS0X as firmware.

… oh, you Windows folks … I really do feel for ya …

Damn… I think something is limited.
If I burn a straight copy it never goes faster then 5.9X
I’ve tried it with several different source discs with different maximum read speeds.
The DVD-rom player is Hl-dt-st Dvd-rom Gdr8163b
And the burner is Lite-on 1635s
I can only burn it with nero express as my version of windows does not accept Nero burning rom :slight_smile:

Better check if your Drives are in Pio or DMA mode. To check open your device manager and look at the property for your IDE ATA / ATAPI controller. If it says PIO you should change to DMA.
You write something about “burn a straight copy”. Could it be that you mean on the fly burning (DVD-Drive to DVD-Drive)? If yes, better first rip the DVD with any ripper to a Harddrive in ISO and then burn the ISO file with NERO Express or whatever burning app you have to a blank. If you mean on the fly burning then I would not expect something faster than 5x.

Not a media issue.
Moved to the optical drives forum, but I leave the redirect in the blank media secion :wink: (for time being).

I don’t understand the problem with your O/S not accepting Nero Burning ROM. You’re running NTFS discs which means XP or 2000 or later, or is it Win NT that you’ve got?

What is the Media ID of the Verbatim discs?

Koba’s reference to DMA and/or copying on the fly is a likely issue you need to consider.

My problem is that I’m using a ‘hacked’ version of windows which does not tolerate Nero Burning Rom… It just gives an error when starting up.
Maybe I’ll try another version of Nero. But for the time being, Xpress is working fine for me :iagree:


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