Slow burning at first, whats causing it?

Until about 1/2 way into burning a dvd-r with my NEC-3250AW drive only burns at 4x then it jumps to 8x wich it should have been burning at, whats the deal? They are tdk 8x dvds (ttg02).

Also, is it possible to write to 8x dvds at 12/16x?

Sounds like a Z-CLV mode. Quite common, there’s nothing to worry about.


Thats the normal 8x burn strategy for NEC drives. The first 1/4 is 4x, the second 1/4 is 6x and the last half is about 8x speed. Some 8x media is supported at 12x and 16x but not all discs will burn well at the higher speeds. I stick to 12x max for good quality 8x DVD+R media like FujiFilm TY02.

I am burning Fuji DVD+R (8X) at 16X, same with Maxell DVD-R (8X) at 16X with my NEC 3500 Liggy/Dee mod f/w without any trouble at all.