Slow Burning and Ripping speeds

I have noticed when ripping and burning DVD’s the Read and write speeds are very slow like .05x or less. I have read post on here about it but the have not helped. I checked my DMA in Device manager and it is set to DMA so no problem there and that is on both channels. I really didn’t see anyhting else that would help. Is there anything else that I should check?

Hi Teceno
It sounds like you may need to reset DMA
If you want you can click on the link at the bottom of my signature called “DMA RESET TOOL” and it will fix your problem
IT will open a website and the download button is in the middle of the page

If DMA is OK then is the burner on the same cable as the hard drive and have you defragged the hard drive recently and have a reasonable amount of free space on it.

For our information what is the [B]current transfer mode [/B] for the burner and the hard drive?

Actually I think I figured it out. I have an older computer that has a USB 1.1 and the drive I am using is a newer optical drive which connects to USB what I read was that I need a USB 2.0. I guess after finding that out my question would be by buying a USB 2.0 PCI card and installing it would this fix my problem? By the way my DMA settings are fine and I have done everything in these threads relating to it Current transfer mode is Ultra DMA 2 on both IDE channels

USB 1.1 would give you terrible slow data transfer and as you suggest a USB 2.0 PCI card should solve this for you & give transfer rates sufficient for sustained 12x burning at least.

Yep, a USB2 card would be a great start. You didn’t mention originally that the drive performing poorly was an external :wink:

My older P4 (RIP) only had USB1.1 and my externals used to top out at about 1MB/sec. A PCI USB2 card fixed it right up.

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I didnt think it made a difference until I read some post and figured it out. Thanks for the help though guys I found alot of useful information on this site.

You’re welcome, get yourself a USB2 card, and hopefully happy burning! :slight_smile:

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