Slow burning after W2k reinstall

Hello all!

I use Nero, and ever since i reinstalled w2k, i’ve been getting problems with my (analog audio copy) burning.

Firstly, the burning is pretty slow…it takes over 12mins for a CD.

The 1st track always have one “hiccup” during playback somewhere.

The “Used read buffer” bar starts at 100% but when it is burning its only at 48-49%.

I did not experience any of these problems before. It used to burn really fast (upto 40x with DMA enabled) without any errors. The bar was always near 100%. And I’ve been using the same blank CDs - TDK by Ritek.

Please help - I need to make copies for my uncle before he leaves the country.

I’d like to add that I currently have winXP and W2k on the same machine on dif partitions and they share the Nero program files at the same directory. (I installed it twice but to same locatio to save space.)

Both have same problems.

Celeron 333, 440BX
Matrox MGA-G200
Sony 40x/12x/48x CRX-195E1
(CyberDrive?) 36x CD-ROM

DMA is enabled for the writer?!

yea…for both IDE channels - wats WRONG?

My HD is on the primary. Both drives share the same secondary channel.

So, I placed the CD drives on seperate channels and it seems to be better ie has less errors and burns faster.

I still have some problems :frowning: - Audio copying questions.