Slow burnin?



what is the fastest speed that Nero Vision is able to burn at ?

I can only get 2.4x out of it with a LG GSA 4136B. Is this about right as it takes about 3 hours for 1 disc.



3 hours? :eek:
I guess you mean converting + burning, then it’s almost ok. This depends on the power of your machine.


Nero will burn at whatever the burn & media combination will allow.

If 2.4x is all that’s offered then the burn’s firmware does not recognise the media (DVD) you’re using & defaults to 2.4x.

Use Nero’s CD-DVD Speed , disc info option - to get the media details & the firmware being used.

Save this picture using the floppy disc at the top right & save as a PNG file. Then post the picture back here using the Manage Attachments option.

This is what you see.


do you have dma enabled? even if i use 2.4x burning for dl dvd’s it only takes about 30 minutes for ripping and burning at that speed.