Slow Burn

My Philips DVDR1660k is burning at 1.8x after DVDFabGold copies to the harddrive (at 2.18Mbytes/s). This seems very slow compared to what I have read about others experiences in other threads. Shouldn’t I achieve at least 8x on a single layer Verbatim 16x SL disc?
I am using a laptop with a 2.4Mhz processer, USB 2.0 host controller 24CD is using 20% as I have a hub connected to the one (of two) ports that has my mouse and my DSL router connected. The Philips drive is connected directly to the other port. (not to the hub)
I have checked all IDE connections (primary and secondary) and they are all set to Auto detect DMA.
In DVDFabGold “common settings” all the boxes are checked. Is there somewhere I must set up or indicate the speed of the burnner? I use ONLY DVDFab to burn. I have a copy of Nero 6 SE (OEM Suite) that came with the burner but I have not loaded it.
Where might the slow-down be? :sad:
Other than a Slow Burn… I am pleased with the quality of the copies that have been made and have no other complaints of either the drive or DVDFab.

Checking the “Burst Rate” would be a good place to start. Put a Data DVD in the drive and run the test as shown (a couple of times, to see if it’s consistent).

P.S. IDE/DMA settings in Device Manager do not apply here, as you depend on the USB interface.

P.P.S Did you set the jumper on the back of the drive to MAster when installing it?

I see by the photo, you were using Nero to run this test. Would I find this on the Nero 6 SE OEM Suite I have? And this Data disc, can it be anything on a CD or DVD?

Nope. I have an internal DVD/CDRW combo drive. Would that not be the Master and this Philips be the Slave?

Nero CD-DVD Speed is a standalone program. It is part of the Nero Toolkit, but you can download (click on the link above) and use it independently. You may need to download a file called “wnaspi32.dll” from Nero (link) and place this in the same folder as “cdspeed.exe” to let it recognize your external Philips drive.

Nope. I have an internal DVD/CDRW combo drive. Would that not be the Master and this Philips be the Slave?

Again, please forget about your internal drive(s), because we’re talking about an external USB connection here. These two interfaces, IDE and USB, are working independently from each other. Nevertheless, on the back of your Philips burner, there is a little “jumper” which has to be installed in the Master position (and not the Slave) to work properly in the external enclosure.