Slow Burn with Roxio?

I do not get burns over 4x with TDK 8x DVD+R on my NEC 3520A with latest driver update and firmware. I use Roxio Media Creator Suite 8. Ran Nero CD-Test and showed much faster burn than Roxio shows. Is Roxio the problem? I have used Sony 16x with similar results. Also, a few my movie backups play fine on the computer DVDROM and DVDRW, but breakup/pixelate/freeze on my Toshiba and RCA DVD players. If I play the movie again, it may or may not do it again, and not in the same place. Is this related to the burn or play?

You cannot compare a reading speed test with a burning test (see your pic).

This is the graph that was created while the DVD+R was being burned. I am not worried about read speed. Note that the info says “Creating a disk” and “Elapsed Time”.

In the part about playing of the DVDs, I was wondering if this was related to the NEC burning quality. Or is it related to the DVD player?

Ih your case probably the dvd player has some trouble with these burned discs, even maybe with the burnspeed used.

Should I burn at a slower speed? Say, max at 4x instead of optimum?

I just installed Nero 6.6 and burned a DVD with datafiles, identical to one burned on Roxio 8. Nero took a full 1m30s longer. Per NEC Nero is what they say their unit is designed to support.

Realize the TDK +R media tends to be CMC MAG mediacode discs. While that doesn’t answer your 4X on 8X-rated question, it does tend to answer the latter one. :Z

You are right. It doesn’t mean much to me. Soooo, what is the recommendation? I used Sony before, just switched to TDK to try and alleviate the problem.

I would like to reburn my DVDs as I am inclined to believe that my pixelating/stop playing problem is due to the type of blank dvd media I use. What would be a recommended brand(s)?