Slow burn with Lite-On SHW-160P6S

I’m having a problem with my Lite-on DVD burner being extremely slow. When burning in any one of the 4 applications I have available to me I usually get speeds topping out at 2.2x. I looked at the FAQ and downloaded KProbe and it says that my burst speed is only about 3.3Mbps. So I checked out the DMA setting on the drive and it says it’s using “Ultra DMA Mode 3” so that’s not the problem. Also this a brand new PC with a quad core QX6700 processor and 150GB SATA Raptor hard drive. So I don’t think any of the other components are slowing it down. Now I did read one other post on this forum saying that another user was having a similar problem and he replaced the IDE cable and it fixed him up. Does that sound possible? Could a fault cable allow the drive to work, but run slower then it’s capable of? Or is there something else that might be causing the problem?


you can always get a new 80 pin cable and try.

Interesting. All my PATA optical drives are DMA mode 4. My SATA is mode 5. I haven’t seen mode 3.

I have another 80 pin cable lying around. It’s not the nice rounded cable like the one I’m using, but I’ll give it a try and see if it helps. If it does I’ll order myself another nice rounded one. But if not, then what? Is there anything else that could be causing such poor performance?


Definitely sounds like a replacement 80[B]wire[/B] IDE cable would be worth a try. And check the jumper settings in the process. It’s important with the 80wire cables that the master drive is connected to the end & slave in the middle. Unless you use Cable Select when it doesn’t matter.

I’m pretty sure the jumpers are set to cable select, but I’ll double check just to be sure. Because I did move some stuff around in my case when I first got the PC and I swapped the two optical drives from their original position.


Huh Dan203, that sounds scarry because I’m about to build a new $ntel C2D system with no native IDE ports.

I think we are looking in completely wrong direction here. Let’s start from square one.
What OS /SP are you on?
What is the name/modell of your computers motherboard?
What kind of ide controller is drive connected to (consult manual)?
What media are you using?

Adding links that will help you answering my questions;

  • cpu-z, identifies mobo, bios, cpu, memories aso.
  • Nero CD-DVD Speed and Nero InfoTool, can tell you anything from discs mediacode (MID) to your system drivers.
  • Devicemanager will tell you what ide drivers you use right now.

I would use flat cables. Round cables can cause problems.

Actually I’m getting rid of all PATA cables as fast as I can. Everything I have now is SATA except for one optical drive.

I figured it out. It turned out to be a combination of things. First off the jumpers were wrong. The burner was set to master and the reader to slave even though they were on the cable in the reverse oder. In fact that’s what was throwing me off in Windows. The reader was actually DMA 3 and the burner was set to PIO. However simply switching out the jumpers did not fix the problem. I then had to remove the Primary IDE channel from the device manager and reboot and allow it to be found again. This kicked the burner back into UDMA 4 mode. I then did a test burn of an ISO using DVD Decrypter and it finished a complete 4.7GB disk in about 6 minutes. (before it took about 19 minutes for the same image)

So I’m a happy camper again. Thanks again for all your suggestions, they were really helpful in diagnosing this problem. :slight_smile:


Yep I’ve seen DMA mode 3 I just installed a Liteon SOHC-5236V combo drive in my girlfriends system and it shows up as DMA mode 3@44
instead of DMA 2@33 or DMA 4@66 very strange as I’d never seen anything run in mode 3 before either. :eek: I installed it in the slave position
and her 20A1P as master and the 20A1P runs DMA mode 4 like it is supposed to do. :confused: