Slow burn with cd writer

all of the sudden my Plextor 230A CD writer needs up to 10 min to burn a CD. It supports 52x actually and it doesn´t matter wich media I use - even Verbatim Pastel from Taiyo Yuden take ages.
I even reinstalled Nero 7 premium, not really expecting something to happen - but you never know.
some ideas?

Check DMA.

Yes, I´ve forgotten to mention, DMA is aktivated.

Use cd-dvd speed to create data disc and post result.

Thanks for the help and here it is:

Nothing wrong with that data disc that I can see.

Ok, time to look at problems getting the data from your HDD to the drive.

I would suggest checking that DMA is on for your Hard Drives, using scandisc to check for errors and bad sectors (tick both boxes if running XP) and a defragmentation of the Hard drives.

I don´t really know how to check that the DMA for the harddrives are aktivated, as they are sata.
Is scandisk available on XP - how can I find it?
Gonna defrag tonight - takes some time I guess.

Check harddisc as you checked burner.

There will probably be 2 primary and 2 secondary ide channel.

One off the primary will be sata.

on all of the IDE channels DMA is aktivated.
And Scandisk? Where can i find it?