Slow Burn Time


Ever since I loaded Nero Burning software (Ver, my CD has slowed to a snails pace when trying to burn files.

When I try to burn the CD the disk start to spin and then stops spinning then it starts again and then stops. It goes on with the cycle of spinning-up and then stopping forever and never finishes writing the CD.

I even uninstalled Nero and it still happens. What did I do ?

Thanks for your help

Laser wasn’t an official release - it was in a special folder and was presumably something to do with Philips.

However, I can’t think it would cause this sort of problem - it sounds more like a horrible coincidence. If you’ve got InCD installed, I’d remove that. Remove all other writing software as well.

If that still doesn’t get things working, have you got any other media? It could be that the drive doesn’t like the specific media you’re trying to use.


I’m going to add my .02 in this thread as well. Last night, my burns with my new NEC ND-2500A drive were at 12 minutes with my 4x DVD+R TDK media & 8 minutes with my 4x Memorex DVD+R media. The reason for the difference in speeds is due to the drive Writing the Memorex at 6x.

Well, for some strange reason, as of today, it takes over 20 minutes now to Write to this TDK media. I have no clue as to why. I didn’t do anything today that would change what I was doing last night.

In addition to this strange madness, my ICopyDVDs2 no longer wants to work. It was working flawlessly 2 weeks ago. I installed DVDDecrypter & DVDShrink & now ICopyDVDs2 no longer works.

This is a strange world of recording DVD media, I tell ya.