Slow Burn time with LiteOn 1213-1633

First post. I had an 812s-832s that was zippy fast - 9 minute burns. Then I bought a 1213 and flashed it to a 1633 BS0C with OmniPatcher. The best burn times I can get are 18+ minutes - that’s like 4x. Any thoughts?

Using Nero Recode Latest Version
Same result using Ritek R03 or Yuden T01 at 8X & 12X
DMA is on Ultra DMA Mode 2
Drive Info

  • DiskPeripheral : Maxtor 6E040L0 atapi Port 0 ID 0 DMA: On
  • DiskPeripheral : Maxtor 6Y200P0 atapi Port 0 ID 1 DMA: On
  • CdRomPeripheral : LTC-48161H atapi Port 1 ID 0 DMA: On BSOC
  • CdRomPeripheral : SOHW-1633S atapi Port 1 ID 1 DMA: On KH0Q
    I tried disconnecting both drives rebooting and then reconnecting them. Same result

When I burn the disk using recode and look at the preview it’s like there will be a flash of fast forwarded frames then - pause - more frames - pause. It’s like a buffer is getting full somewhere.

Help appreciated.

The 1213S uses DMA 66 whereas the 832S uses DMA 33. Maybe an issue with your mobo, bios or drivers…

C0deKing, I thought about that too. I have an Intel mobo with an 875PE CS & ATA100 I believe. Something Interesting. Here’s some Rip/Burn Times 4.7G
1633 to HDD 7:39
HDD to 1633 6:25
46161 to HDD 12:31

Hmmm. Maybe I need a faster source drive. Any suggestions on a fast DVD reader?

Yes and it won’t cost you a cent ;). On my firmware page you will find a patched version of KH0Q that has increased reading speeds.

Does that firmware include DL read speed improvements?

With the 48161H.KH0Q.patched-rs16x firmware I ran Nero and got
Start 3.28
End 8.01
Avg 6.12

Is that right? Would I have better luck with an SOHD-167T?

What type disc were you ripping? Pressed DL? If so, that seems about right. My 167T gets up to 10X now thanks to Codeguys. But that new Aopen drive is awesome if you are wanting to get a new drive.


are u sure the 1213/1633 is ata/66 UDMA 4, because I have not seen it any where in specs of my memorex F16 oem 1633 that its anything but ata/33 UDMA 2, the drive even came with 40 pin cable.

It’s a pressel DL. Pirates of the Caribbean. I understand that DL read speeds are slower.

Hmmmm. I think I’ll look into the Aopen. How’s the read accuracy?

FWIW These are the speeds for my 1633 same disc
Start 4.69
End 11.17
Avg 8.55

Pretty respectable. Would the 167T be similar?


No your right , I had used cable that was in memorex box as it was bit longer then older cable and I put 80 pin on it and when i restarted windows it now shows as UDMA-4 ata-66 and I get burst rate of 32mbyte/sec not 22 so its for sure ata-66

I see. So if my system shows that the Secondary IDE is Ultra DMA Mode 2 then all I need to do is swap out the 40 pin for an 80 pin cable?

Correct and like mine it will go UDMA-4. Here is a burn I just did after changing my cable.

speed3 create data disk

Yuden0000T02 8x at 8x

Whoda thunk. A simple cable. Great burn. I’ll pick one up tomorrow. Thanks all.


Hi not sure what your last post means.

But with 80 pin cable I get UDMA-4 on 1633

Nice to hear since even Liteon seems not to know!? - this suggests using an 80-wire cable for my CDs gives at least the 1213s a better UDMA mode?!
Now, I have to find a long one in Brisbane (full tower cable) :rolleyes:

Shouldn’t that be Ultra DMA mode 3. That looks like you hard drive on the primary IDE. :wink:

BTW, nice scan. :slight_smile:

Device 0 is Liteon SOHW-1633S (ATA66)
Device 1 is NEC 3500AG (ATA33)

Okay, maybe I´m not the best suited to take part in this discussion, but there are a few things that has to be ironed out. :wink:

>> Theory is one thing, real world sometimes something complete different <<

i. According to Lite-On both 832S and 1633S have UDMA-2 interface.
If this is incorrect, I hope some of our members kindly provide the source of “right” imformation.

ii. UDMA-2 (~33MB/s) is to my knowledge, sufficient for all now existing DVD-RW burners. Yes I know this (33MB/s) is a theoretical value and may be lower in “real world”.

iii. Too, in some way prove my statement, I have done some tests as you can see attached below. I´m at work right now, so I used a tool (Nero Burning rom) that I have both at my work and at home. (My hardware is also alnearly the same on both places, except for my NEC. :sad:

Topicstarter had or still has, problem with “low transfer rate”, right?

Okay, this is what I did; :slight_smile:
I had a disc with burned DVD image (booktype DVD-ROM), 4.33GB in size. Fired up Nero and started to copy my image to my HDD, using option >DVD Copy< as new compilation.
I run two transfertest, 1. copy to HDD, 2. “simulate” transfer back to a clean DVD disc (ie. DVD-RW drive), with same setup except for the IDE-cable. First I used a 80 conductor cable, then a 40 conductor cable. Same brand; Asus original.
And the result, gentlemen. As far as I can see there is not much differance in “transfer rate” between 40 and 80 conductor cable. :wink:
But, you are welcome to make your own opinion and post it here. I´m working but will drop in from time to time.

@KenW. I don´t know if you are on VIA or nVidia chipset, but I have seen screen “notes” about 80 conductor cables on computerstart (POST) before.
Sure it “looks” good wit UDMA-4, but to be honest, I don´t think your burnspeed (or transfer rates) improved that much. My 50 oere (2 cent)


  1. >copy image to HDD, 40 conductor cable<.
  2. >copy image to HDD, 80 conductor cable<.
    3,4… >simulate (copy) back to drive, first pic 40 cable, second my ordinary 80 conductor cable. :wink:

That’s because your NEC 3500AG is only capable of ATA33/UDMA mode 2. So using a 40 or 80 cable will make no difference to your mode. Whereas the the 1633S is ATA66/UDMA mode 3, so changing the cable will switch it between UDMA mode 2 and UDMA mode 3.

But I agree with you. Changing from mode 2 to 3 on a ATA66 drive will have little affect on the transfer rate.

I, too, get UDMA-4 on the 1633S with an 80-conductor cable. Burst rate for around 45 MB/s, whereas my 832S gave me about 26 MB/s (UDMA-2) and my 166S gave me about 33 MB/s (UDMA-3).

From your posts I assume that the “specifications” for SOHW-1633S on Lite-On home page are wrong. Did I get it right?
So, what do you think is the reason for Lite-On to “hide” the “real transfer” mode?

Originally posted by C0deKing
But I agree with you. Changing from mode 2 to 3 on a ATA66 drive will have little affect on the transfer rate.

C0deKing, out of this I draw the conclusion; there is no need (for members having this drive and a 40 conductor cable) to rush to the shop around the corner and by a new 80 conductor cable. :cool:

Finally, I´m interested to hear how long time it take for you to copy a full DVD to your HDD with SOHW-1633? :wink:

Thanks for your inputs.


ata-33 =UDMA-2
ata-50 =UDMA-3
ata-66 =UDMA-4