Slow burn speeds Have me confused

I recently built a new PC that’s really fast(Core 2 Duo, 2 gigs Corsair, etc.), but I am having trouble burning cd’s at anything over about 16x.

I installed Samsung 162 and Pioneer dvr 111d burners, and when burning audio, I’ve always used CloneCD for copying audio cd’s. But with my new system, I’m at about half speed.

I thought maybe it was a drive issue, so I put in my old Plextor Premium(in place of the Samsung), which was always really fast, but still get barely 20x.

I’ve checked the obvious(media, etc.), but am still a bit lost here.

I also tried Feurio, but got the same speed.

I also checked the burst rate with CDSpeed and the Pioneer is at 21 mb/s and the Samsung is at 20 mb/s

I’ve changed the drives to Master(Pioneer) and Slave(Samsung), but the same results.

My mobo is an ASUS P5b.

Can someone please offer a bit of advice?? I am really at a loss.

Thanks!!! :smiley:

The Pio should have a burst rate of nearer 40mb/s - mine runs at 37mb/s - as it runs in UDMA mode 4.

Check your DMA settings & maybe if you’ve got Nvidia IDE controller drivers then you should replace these with the standard Microsoft ones.

Use 80wire cables & check in your BIOS as that may have some settings for DMA detection & cable settings.

Is your firmware up to date for the burners? Out of date firmware may cause slower burn times.

regards, katzz :slight_smile:

My firmware is the newest on both drives. How can I check BIOS settings? I went in all I found is that they are set to “auto”.

Not sure if I have Nvidia drivers of not.

Then check in Devicemanager under ide ata/atapi controllers.

Chipsatz: Intel 965

Is IAA installed?