Slow burn/read speed with benq dw1650

Ok, I’ve read all about this on the forums here, and nothing has worked for my so far, so I’m thinking about getting rid of the drive. Basically, I have 2 burners on one ide channel, and the other one works perfectly. I’ve checked dma mode, and they are both Ultra DMA 2 - Ultra33, and the jumpers are set correctly (I think) as slave and master. Now, regardless of the dvd’s I use (sorry I don’t know all the codes or whatever for the media) only burn at 4x, but I get tons of errors with nero verification. I’ve tried 8x dvd-r TY and 16x maxtor (I know I know) and both of them only burn at 4x and get tons of errors. as well, I have the latest firmware BCIC. any suggestions?

Try using Verbatim DVD+R media. Are you sure your TY media is not fake? What software are you using to dvd media? If you’re unsure if the jumpers are set correctly on your drive I would suggest checking them. Try hooking up the 1650 as Master.

Ok, thanks I will check the jumpers tonight and set the benq as master and see how it goes. I use nero 7.5 to burn them… as well, it has trouble reading other burnt discs (TY and maxtor) I will try that and post back again

thanks for the quick reply!


Instead of using Nero 7.5 use Imgburn. IMHO Imgburn is better to use than Nero 7.5. Nero is buggy. :wink: Imgburn is freebie software.

Ok, I will try that as well. also, I bought this drive OEM, so it may have been sitting around for a while. do you think that if I bought one of those cleaning disc things if that would help at all?

Using a cleaning disc isn’t going to help your situation. OEM has nothing to do with the drive not being able to read/burn. I already suggested to you that you could have fake TY media. If you live in the USA, Best Buy has Verbatim dvd+r & dvd-r media on sale this week for 50pack spindle $12.99. Buy the dvd+r and burn a it at 8x spd and see what you results you get. Burn it with Imgburn. :wink:

NEVER use cleaning discs on CD/DVD burners! They can damage the lens of your burner…

ok, bad idea! thanks for the ideas, i will try some verbatim if i can get a hold if it