Slow burn problems



i have seen several solutions for the slow burn, My sony dvd burner was
stuck on pio and would not change to dma, then i noticed when i went
to my setup bio it said i had no second drive, it was set to off in the bios.
I dont know how it changed to that but i turned it on and now its working
in dma mode. Could somehow software change the bios or were my teenage
nephews up to no good? :a

at least i am fixed now, what a great program dvdfab is. Thanks!


Welcome to CD Freaks.

Whilst it’s possible for something on the PC to affect the affect the BIOS - I’ve had it once or twice and had to restore the BIOS from backup - I’d be inclined to look towards a more human influence here.


Fix for problem: Select “nephews”, press “delete”. :bigsmile: Welcome to DVDFab and the forum.


LOL, that was really funny and practical…’‘No Child Zone’’ Welcome tammyyl to the forum,and good luck keeping them out. Mine can be a bugger sometimes too. Mike