Slow burn on plextor 716UF?

Any of you experts know why my burner all of a sudden slows down 7 times? I was burning a 3.8G ISO file using Nero and what used to take 6 minutes now takes 43 minutes @ 12x on a USB 2.0 interface. Seems odd.


Fujitsu E series Lifebook @ 1.8GHz, w/1G Ram and a 120 G HD
Plextor PX-716UF external burner on a USB interface.
Verbatim DVD-R disc
OEM Nero Burning ROM Version

This has happened b4 but it usually corrects itself. The only thing I can figure out what I did different is that I unplugged the drive to attach my iPOD and then rebooted with the Plextor. It almost seems as if it has reverted to USB 1.1?


Strange. Does that notebook have an IEEE 1394 port? If so you may want to try the 716UF connected that way.

Two Degrees, thanks for the tip! The speed went back to around 6 minutes for a 4G file. Now I have to fix the USB problem. Thanks again.