Slow burn on my plextor px-716a

i got a plextor px-716a last week, but the burn speed on it has been really slow. average 1x-2x for 8x dvd+r… my IDE settings seems ok, ultra dma mode 4…running a p4 2.4ghz processor, 512 mb of ram…any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. oh and i’ve been using the roxio media creator 7 that came with my drive.

try different media. Look up on Plextor’s site and see which media is recommeded for your burner. Plextors tend to be very picky with media. Experiment with having the burner on master and slave IDE controller.
When you burn you should have internet disconnected and your Anti virus prog sidabled, and minimize other background activity on your computer…
Try different software. Some other progs are available for trial periods.