Slow Burn on Inkjet printable DVD-R

I’m using a Lite-On 811s, just flashed the firmware to the latest DR8HSOR.

I’ve been using this burner for a few years with always good results but lately realized putting labels on the discs kind of messes them up.

So, thinking I will use an Epson R200 with printable DVDs to avoid the use of labels I bought some Verbatim 16x Inkjet printables.

My first burn took over 20 minutes. Using Smartburn, the program read that the max speed for the printables is 2x. I tested the burned disc and it turned out perfect with VSO inspector so I tried another and it too burned at 2x.

My DMA is set correctly, I checked everything I can think of. I didn’t set up the new printer yet because I would like to figure this out first.

The media is Verbatim White Inkjet Printable DVD+R Reorder #95145.

Could anyone please help me figure out what is wrong?



there a simular post here


So, now I need a new burner. Time passes so quickly. Any suggestions on a new one would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks again,