Slow burn on cd's with dvd burner

Hey all! I’m new to the forum and ya’ll may not even be able to help me. I have a Lite-On LH20A1H CD/DVD burner. When I am copying from one cd to another using Nero Ultra 7, it says that it is burning at 48x using but is still taking about 15 minutes to copy. The CD is around 600 Meg but still should only take around 2-3 minutes to burn at that speed. Correct? If anybody knows anything about this, some advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Derek

Welcome to CD Freaks.

There’s a option in Nero 7 to display the true burning speed which is very useful.

I’d suggest that you check the DMA status of the burner , see this thread .

Also these burners need to be attached using an 80 wire IDE cable & running in Ultra DMA mode 4.

And finally limit burning speed to 16x for Audio CDs & 24x for data and use quality CD-R media.

By any chance are the 2 optical devices , I assume disk to disk copying from what you say , on the same IDE cable as this will always be very slow.

First off, thank you very much for your quick response. Now for a few more questions:)

Where in Nero is the option to view the true speed of the drive?

DMA is already turned on. This was the first thing I checked.

As far as the 80 wire cable, I would assume it is the right one. It’s the same one the primary cd-rom was on when we got the computer. It’s a Dell Optiplex 520.

They are on the same cable and I will try switching this. Should I put the Cd-Rom and the hard drive on the same channel or the DVD burner and hardrive on same channel. Also which do I set as Master and which as Slave? I’d assume the Hard drive still needs to be on the primary channel but I’m not certain.

Once again. Thanks in advance for all of your help.


I don’t have Nero 7 installed but it should be somewhere in Preferences.

How have you checked that DMA is on? With a 40wire cable it’ll show Ultra DMA mode 2 but with a 80wire Ultra DMA mode 4.

A burst rate test with Nero’s CD-DVD Speed is a good thing to check as well. Correctly setup the LH20 should give about 46MB/s.

Dell tend to ship with 40wire IDE cables , especially if it only had a CD burner, so don’t assume that it’s got an 80wire 'cos it probably hasn’t.

I’d set the CD device as slave on the Primary with the HDD as master & the LH20 as master on it’s own on the Secondary channel.

I went into Device Manager and checked the channel. One thing I had forgotten about is that when I click the plus next to the Atapi…there are TWO Primary Channels. Could this be causing my problem?

It’s got to be worth deleting both of them & rebooting.