Slow Burn For Audio CDR?

This may be a newbie question but I burn audio “red book” cdrs. I always thought the slower the burn speed, the better the cd sounded. The slowest speed the Superdrive on my mac will burn is 8X. I also had a Lite On burner that wouldn’t burn slower than 4X. Why can’t I burn at 1X?

Thank you for your help.


Why can’t I burn at 1X?

Because modern drives are created to burn at high speeds on high speed media the lasers are not calibrated to burn at speeds such as 1x, the whole burning at 1x is better is outdated and does not apply to modern drives and modern cdr’s, infact alot of people find cdr’s produce the best results at their rated speeds.

Unlikely to get better sound quality IMO, as digital data is either OK or NOT OK, thus it is either valid or corrupted. If you get audio errors on your copies, then it’s more than likely caused by a bottleneck in your system, rather than the speed that the writer or media is capable of.