Slow burn/burst rate

i have a 1633 connected through Texas Instruments OHCI compliant IEEE 1394 which is all i have besides usb and it burns at like 2x at the most and the burst rate is at 5.86 mb/s and its dma only im lost ask any quesions

play arround your OS to make it UDMA 2 or 4

That will not help for a drive connected to firewire.

Xp and SP2? If so, there is an update to the firewire drivers for a slowness problem with firewire induced in SP2. Search microsoft for the update. If you cannot find it write back, I have it saved somewhere.

i cant find it, if you can help me out it’d be appreciated


yea i actually found WindowsXP-KB885222-x86-ENU.exe but it did not impove the speed. anyone know whats up?