Slow burn and finalize times on a HD-A740GX

I just upgraded from a 5045 to the A740GX. I’m using Ritek 8x media and Verbatim 16x media and am getting really slow burn and finalisation speeds.

Finalising the disks starts out pretty quick, reaching 95% done in less than a minute. It then seems to hang at 95% for over 10 minutes before it finally completes.

Anyone else experiencing this ?


You might try experimenting
with some different media,
but if the burns are good,
why worry. :slight_smile:

The burns are just fine, haven’t had a coaster or any other issues yet. It just seems a bit sluggish and will take me longer to convert a load of tapes I have to DVD. I guess, I’ll just knuckle down and live with the speed … and try some other media.


I’d be interested to know if it gets better,
or if different media helps.
BTW, Ritek media has a reputation for both
bad quality and short life.

I’m gonna order some verbatim DL to see if it alters anything